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    Top 5 Hair Styling Trends of 2017

    After a month or two into the year, the top 7 hair trends of 2017 are emerging. If you want to get one of these trending hairstyles for yourself, our hair styling salon in Atlanta can help you make sure it will be a good fit for your lifestyle and your look. Here are some descriptions and tips about each hairstyle to help you decide on your next big hairdo move.

    Long Shag

    The long shag was also popular last year, and it’s not going anywhere. Some celebs and fashionistas are keeping their shag trimmed to the perfect length, and others are letting it stretch just past their shoulders. If you used to believe this was the “awkward” phase of growing your hair out, it’s time to let professional hairstylists change your mind. The long bob, “lob,” or shag is definitely in in all its forms and lengths. Its length makes it an easy do to maintain because it’s long enough for quick ponytails. It’s also long enough to give you versatility that a traditional bob won’t because it can handle everything from curls to waves to braids to chignons.

    Shiny Sleek

    On the flip side, long and sleek hairstyles are also in! Nothing speaks to healthy, full, shiny hair like a super straight and glossy look, whether you’re blonde, brunette, blue-black, or ginger-haired. If you’re among the crowd growing out your shag, you can still do the sleek look; you might just need a trim. Then ask your hair stylist for tips to straighten and gloss your locks to give them the ultimate healthy shine with a little help from high-quality products. 

    Flat Waves

    The new flat wave is somewhere in-between beachy waves and sleekly straight. It’s quick and easy to accomplish once you’re practiced at it, and it looks great on the shag-length hair in particular. It’s done with a flat iron rather than a curling iron for a more subtle bend, and it leaves the ends of the hair straight (which can also help improve your hair’s health!). It also allows you to get a glossy, shiny look while adding just a bit of body and movement to your hair’s silhouette.

    High Pony

    Whether you’re hitting the gym or a girls' night on the town, the high pony does double duty! This year’s high ponytail features a sleek, tightly pulled back look with the ponytail high on the head. It keeps hair out of the way while giving a little lift to the face if you pull it tight enough. The ponytail itself can be sleek and straight, wavy and voluminous, or even straight-from-the-gym rumpled. It’s super quick, easy for any hair texture, and is best for longer hair.

    Shades of Gold

    Some classic shades are always in, but sometimes a new hair color rises to the top, and this year it’s being called the “golden bronde.” It’s not just somewhere in between brown and blonde; it’s a little bit of both, but the important part is the tint of gold. It can look darker or lighter in different lighting, and it can be cooler or warmer depending on your natural skin and hair color. It works for natural blondes or brunettes and is perfect for highlights! Your hair styling salon in Atlanta, GA, can help you reach the perfect golden glow.

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