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    6 Ways to Keep Your Bridal Makeup Fresh All Day

    Weddings are supposed to be picture perfect, from the gown to the rings. The same should also be true of your bridal makeup in Atlanta—but how do you keep your makeup looking flawless all day long? We can help you find out the answer to that dilemma with these simple, effective steps to prepare your skin for the perfect day.


    If you want to keep your makeup looking flawless on the weekend of your wedding, then you should make sure that you are well exfoliated coming up to your wedding day. Be sure to exfoliate at least once or twice a week leading up to your wedding to pull this off.


    A regular facial care should include moisturizer. The evening before and morning of your wedding are when moisturizing is particularly important to the health of your skin. Make sure that you’re using the best type of moisturizer for your particular skin type as well.

    Waterproof Is Ideal

    If anything is true of weddings, it is that they can be emotional experiences. Waterproof mascara, lipstick, and foundation are all essential to making sure that when you’re tearing up during those vows, your face is staying flawless.

    Blot the Oil

    If your makeup is starting to create an undesirable sheen on your forehead, you don’t want to just wipe it away. You should use blotting sheets to clean off that extra oil and keep your makeup looking good and your face from being to oily.

    Finish with Powder

    Once your makeup has been set just right, you’ll want to be sure and apply a finishing powder to help keep your foundation in place. You can still keep it looking light and natural with just a light powder dusting. It is ideal to integrate this into your makeup routine before your wedding day to make sure that it works well with your skin.

    Prime Time

    Don’t forget to use primer before you start applying your makeup. This will help prevent any of the shine of oily skin, and will be one more factor that helps to keep your makeup in place all day long.

    If you are preparing for your big day by making sure you are ready to execute the perfect bridal makeup in Atlanta, then these tips should help make sure that your look stays flawless all day long. Nothing could be more important than making sure that the bride looks flawless on her wedding day, from beginning to end, and the perfect makeup preparation can help to ensure that.

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